Vernon Hills Title Loans

Everyone needs money to pay bills, buy food and live a normal life. Sometimes life costs a lot more than people can afford, which can cause stress, worry, frustration and desperation. Instead of accepting the situation and living with the negative effects, consider Vernon Hills title loans as a way out of a financial jam.

Vernon Hills Title Loans are conveniently located in your community. Many lenders are willing to offer you cash loans based on your vehicle collateral, but you need to consider using a lender who understands what life is like in your neighborhood. Vernon Hills is a great place to call home, but even with a great home and great job, financial problems can arise. Having a lender who understands the local culture and way of life is better equipped to help you in a time of need.

Applying for a Title Loan

Just thinking about the application process for a personal loan and the potential complexity of it can put some people in a negative mood, but title lenders have made applying a stress-free experience. Anything unnecessary has been removed, which makes applying simple, easy and fast.


The main requirement to get a title loan is to have a vehicle to use as loan collateral. Any vehicle used by an applicant must be owned by the applicant.

The applicant has to be at least 18 years old and have proof of identification, such as a driver’s license

A job is not mandatory but an income is required. Lenders must know that the borrower has a way to pay back the loan money. So, if the borrower does not work, they must have another type of income, such as unemployment benefits.

Something NOT REQUIRED is a perfect credit check. Title lenders rely on vehicle collateral, which means applicants with bad credit are welcome to apply and could easily be approved.

Application Steps


Fill our simple online form: provide your vehicle's specifications and your contact information


As soon as you submit the application to us, we can establish your vehicle’s value and make a loan offer. At this point, the ball is in your court. We won’t pressure you to accept the loan because that is your decision. When you do accept, we will start loan processing immediately so there is no delay in your getting the money.


You will recieve a phone call from our representative to process your loan. We will discuss the specifics of it and work out the particulars. Any questions you have are answered, and we explain clearly how title loans work. Payment arrangements are established, and within hours of applying, maybe less, you can take the money.

How Vernon Hills, IL Title Loans Work

After a title loan is approved, the borrower and lender make an exchange. The borrower gives their vehicle title to the lender, and the lender gives the borrower cash. When the loan is paid back, the title is returned to the lender. Loan amounts are based on the value of the customer’s vehicle but are also tied to the borrower’s income. State law prohibits lenders from granting loans that require borrowers to make payments that are more than 50 percent of the borrower’s monthly income.

As long as all payments are made, there should be no issue between the lender and title loan customers. However, sometimes a customer hits another financial snag and can’t make payments as scheduled. When this happens, lenders try to work out something to keep the loan current, such as renewing it so that the loan term is extended. If a borrower defaults on the loan, their vehicle is in danger of being repossessed and sold by the lender to recover the outstanding loan balance and fees.

Title loans offer many benefits other than easy loan approval and fast cash dispersal. Those benefits are the main reasons most people apply, and why title loans are gaining in popularity. Other benefits also make title loans a better option than most other types of funding.

Anyone with bad credit or even a few negative items on their credit report can testify about how hard it is to be taken seriously by a lender. Most of the time, their applications are rejected. That is not the case with Vernon Hills Title Loans. Vehicle titles used as collateral are the key to title loan approval. Everyone with every type of credit rating have equal standing with title lenders..

With Vernon Hills, IL car title loans, you get easy and fast cash, and you get to keep the car. That’s right! The very same vehicle you put up to get the money is the one you get to keep driving. As long as the title certificate is placed in the lender’s possession, there is no need to hold the vehicle used as loan security.

Several other title loan benefits are worth noting.

  • Your information is safe with us because we value discretion and confidentiality. We won’t share your personal information with anyone.
  • Interest rates for title loan is frequently the lowest among similar types of lenders, which means you could save money on interest charges.
  • Getting a title loan keeps you from having to ask people you know for money.
  • You don’t have to sell your car to get the money you need.